Welcome to Davis Club Lambs!

We are located in the small AG town of Durham, California (92 miles north of Sacramento).  We started raising competative club lambs as a FFA project, under the mentorship of Leonard Bianchi,  and have continued to strive for raising structurally correct, marketable, winning stock.  Our ewe base is Bianchi, Rule, Ellerbrock and we lamb from October to February.  We enjoy mentoring the FFA and 4H showman that come to us and selling affordable lambs to them.

We thank Tyson Rule for making a top ram lineup easily accessible via  New Horizon Genetics and have had great success with Lap AI.

We also have registered Hampshires and Southdowns.  Their easy going temperment and great hanging, fast maturing carcasses have worked very well with our wether dam crop as well.

Our farm is open to visitors and we look forward to meeting you and making new friends!